National cuisine, as well as traditional songs and dances, historical chronicles and national dress is part and parcel of the culture of any nation, which reflects its essential features, shapes national identity and distinguishes it from other nations.
The National Agency of Investment and Privatization is pleased to announce the publication of its new Business in Belarus: Recipe Book from the top managers of leading foreign investing companies operating in Belarus.
Beginning a business in a new country is much more complicated than just whipping up a quick omelet. It can be compared with making a soufflé — unpredictable, exhilarating and with fantastic rewards if you cook it right. But how can you avoid getting your fingers burned when starting a new business?

In this book you can find true stories of twelve entrepreneurs who have grasped the opportunity for growth by setting up their own profitable businesses in Belarus. The businesspeople give their advice and share with the reader their secret recipes for how to implement your ideas, have a good start, gain confidence and make a profit.
Business recipes: