It is popularly believed that making pickled cucumbers is a purely Slavic tradition, but history suggests that the Greeks and the Romans were the first to do it. The ancient Romans and Greeks began to plant cucumbers in the days of Homer and beyond. The word "cucumber" in Greek means "unripe". The Romans planted them into wheeled pots that were rotated to follow the sun. Just for the record, a hangover recipe based on cucumber pickle was invented by the Romans, as it was their weakness after hearty feasts.
This delicious recipe is an easy pickling method, and the pickled cucumbers will retain their crunch and freshness for a long time.
The Slavs borrowed that tradition from the Byzantine Empire with the advent of Christianity, when cucumbers were often planted by monks. According to another version, cucumbers came to Belarusian cuisine from the Tatars, who had cultivated the plant since the eleventh century. Archeological excavations and finds of cucumber seeds in the Volga River basin, where the Golden Horde was situated at the time, supported this claim. A century later, fresh, salted and vinegar-pickled cucumbers were already mentioned on the list of common products.

In the modern Belarusian culinary tradition, pickled cucumbers are a must at any feast or celebration.

  • 1–1.5kg fresh small cucumbers, washed
  • 1-2 litres water
  • 2 tbsp salt
  • 10 cherry and black currant leaves
  • 1 dill stem with seeds
  • 2 horseradish leaves
  • 4–5 garlic cloves

Preparation method:
Chop the dill and slice the garlic. Divide the leaves, chopped dill and garlic into two equal parts.
Layer the cucumbers with the first part of the mixture in a sterilized jar. Push them down to get as many as you can inside. Add the salt and the remaining part of the mixture to fill up the jar. Cover in cold water, until all of the cucumbers are coated in.
Cover the jar tightly with a sterilized lid.
Flip the jar and leave at room temperature for 24 hours to allow the flavors to develop before using. Then set aside in a cool place. Use within 2 or 3 weeks. No expiry date.

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But what does it take to deliver such impressive results? Just as any chef has his or her own secret how to make a dish unique and delicious, so does every successful company have its own recipe for success that is based on high expertise, passion, and strong commitment.

Success can be compared with pickles, one of the most favorite foods in Belarus. They may seem very simple at first glance, but you can't make pickles really delicious without a precise recipe, the right ingredients and mastery.

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Each newcomer is assigned a counselor, a mature and wise "cucumber" who has been working for our firm for seven to ten years, understands our priorities and knows the taste and value of success. Those who are young and green cannot jump out of the brine and have little choice but to be pickled properly.
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