Homemade oatmeal kisieĺ is a superb dessert to have. Served with bear­berries and fresh mint, this traditional Belarusian dish tastes really delicious.
A highly treasured dish of Belarusian cuisine, oatmeal kisieĺ is an elixir of beauty, health and longevity. It was a compulsory dish of any menu for special occasions, regardless of wealth or status. Kisieĺ was respected by all, the rich and the poor alike.

  • 300g oatmeal
  • 3 litres water
  • 1 liter cream
  • 300g honey
  • 5g ground cinnamon

To serve

  • fresh mint leaves
  • bearberries
Oatmeal kisieĺ is very good for health and is prepared on the basis of oat sourdough, which is obtained by fermentation of oats with all the intensive health properties of this cereal. Eating oatmeal kisieĺ on an empty stomach in the morning helps to relax the bowels, improve digestion and metabolism; in a week it will definitely result in fresh complexion and increased energy level.

Traditionally, freshly prepared kisieĺ was served cool and eaten like a jelly with honey, fresh berries, cream or milk. The ancestors of modern Belarusians also ate kisieĺ with sweet compote called uzvar, prepared without sugar, with dried pears giving it a sweet taste. In the modern version, it is advised to make an oatmeal cocktail to serve as a drink in pretty small dessert bowls or martini glasses.
Preparation method:
Grind the oatmeal, then cover with hot water (no more than 60°C) and leave it to turn sour in a dark place for several days. When a pleasant slightly sour smell appears, it means the sourdough is ready.
Pass the sourdough through a sieve or muslin cloth. Remove the oil-cake, pour the remaining liquid into a big saucepan and place on the stove. Bring to the boil on a low heat, gently stirring.
Cool the kisieĺ to 30°C, then add the honey, cream, and cinnamon and blend well. If necessary, add some water, mixing to the consistency of yogurt. Set aside in the fridge to chill the kisieĺ well.
To serve, pour into dessert bowls or glasses, finish with the fresh mint leaves and several bearberries.

Farmland was one of the first pharmaceutical companies in Belarus with foreign investment. It was organized on the basis of the existing Niaśviž Pharmaceutical Plant in 1998. Being the first presupposes a lot of responsibility, but we have never been afraid to progress and open up new vistas. Today, Pharmland holds the leading position in the domestic pharmaceutical market.

It is no secret that success of any business is largely determined by the right choice of the future market to operate in. The developing pharmaceutical market in the Customs Union and state support for the industry were decisive factors in choosing the country to set up our business. Over the years of successful performance we have been convinced that investing in Belarus was the right choice.

The Belarusian pharmaceutical market is very promising, with a large capacity and potential for growth. The government of Belarus has been actively working on creating conducive conditions for the development of the country's pharmaceutical industry.

Pharmacological companies receive a variety of preferences from the state, such as an exemption from import duties and VAT on technological equipment and components, and allocation of budgetary funds for license acquisition for drugs to treat socially important diseases, as well as the development of new medicines and product promotion in foreign markets. All of these factors certainly have a positive impact on our company's activities.

The company itself is primarily the people who work for it. There is a saying: "Personnel make all the difference." It is true. From this point of view, Belarus has a real advantage over many other countries. Highly qualified employees work for our company and we pay a lot of attention to their training and motivation. I sincerely believe that Pharmland owes its success to the high professionalism of its team, where each member cares for human health and life.

May you always enjoy good health! It requires doing sports, leading a healthy lifestyle and... drinking oatmeal kisieĺ! It is not only delicious but also very wholesome.

Established in 1998, Belarus-Dutch joint venture Pharmland LLC is one of the major private pharmaceutical companies in Belarus. The company is engaged in pharmaceutical development and production of finished dosage forms, manufacturing more than 150 kinds of medicines.

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